The cultivation of saffron bulbs

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Saffron bulbs of the best quality , Ecological production in Monreal del Campo “Teruel”, to plant at home, garden or field

If you have decided to purchase bulbs to obtain your own saffron in the following lines, the cultivation method of such a highly appreciated spice is explained

The best bulbs can be found in AZAFRANES JILOCA, a company dedicated to the production of the best saffron since 1993, in Monreal del Campo (Comarca del Jiloca, Teruel)
If you want to grow in the Garden, orchard or field
El The first step is to fertilize the land, the month of March is the most appropriate to carry out this step, although nothing happens if it is paid later, the subscriber will last several years, so it is not such a precise requirement, that if before to plant it. The appropriate amount per square meter is 4 kg of fertilizer, horse, cattle or sheep manure are the best.

The appropriate months to plant the bulb are between July and September, the bulb must be planted at a depth of 18 ctm and with the corner up, thus facilitating the exit of the grill to the surface.

The bulbs have to be placed at about 10 cm from each other to favor their reproduction, the amount necessary to plant 1m2 is about 30 units.

It is important to dedicate exclusively the area cultivated with the bulbs only to this crop since it is not convenient to water it excessively, rather it is a rainfed crop, it must also be kept clean of weeds that can deplete the food that we have contributed in the subscriber for the saffron.

If the crop is outdoors it is advisable to water it only in March and September.

By mid-October the bulbs give the flower, the flowering season lasts approximately 25 days, each bulb can give between 5 and 15 flowers, this depends on the size of the bulb and its reproduction, when the season ends, the espartillo (leaf of the saffron plant) until the month of May that it will dry completely, it may give the impression that the plant has died, but it is not, it is simply dormant until the next flowering, during this time it is convenient to keep the Weed-free growing surface.

The bulb must be in the ground for 4 years, after the fourth flowering the bulb will have been converted into several new units, so it will be convenient to start them in June to clean them (pooffoliate) and replant them from the month next in a newly paid land and if it can be in a different location than the one previously cultivated.

If you want to grow in a pot or indoors

If the crop is to be done in a pot or indoor planter, we should water it every 3 months without watering the soil and try to ensure that the container has good drainage to expel the excess water, if we are not at great risk of the bulb to rot.

It is a plant that only needs sunlight from October to May, so it can be on a terrace without any problem.

It is convenient that the container is deep enough so that the crop can be lengthened over time, practicing a fertilizer of at least 40% natural fertilizer and the rest of the soil.

The rest of the steps are the same as growing outdoors