Sitgetana rice casserole with Jiloca saffron


Sitgetana rice casserole with Jiloca saffron

It is a rice recovered from the old Sitges kitchen. The writer Emerenciá Roig in his book “ El Sitges dels nostres avis ” (The Sitges of our grandparents) explains what the kitchen was like in the mid-17th century, and the most recognized was the famous rice from Sitges that served at the Carcolces inn on Calle Parelladas. It is a rice in which the sea and the mountains shake hands. And in the end he insists on saying that – after eating a good dish one was tempted to eat another.


In a saucepan we will heat the butter and the oil where we will brown the seasoned rib and reserve. Then we will fry the cuttlefish and when it has absorbed the water it gives off we will add the rib and the onion, about 4 minutes we add the peppers and the tomato at the end. Sauté well, add the broths and when they boil add the rice and the peas. In a mortar with a pinch of salt we will crush the saffron, then the garlic and finally the almond, melted with a little broth and the casserole .A halfway through cooking we will taste salt and add the rest of the ingredients. We finish the oven with a total of 18 minutes of cooking.

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