Cuttlefish rice with Gourmet Saffron from Jiloca


Cuttlefish rice with Gourmet Saffron from Jiloca

Clean the cuttlefish and cut them into small cubes, reserving two of the bodies to later roll them with plastic wrap and freeze them. Make a sauce with the onion and tomato. Add cuttlefish and stew for 20 minutes. Cover with water and when it boils, add the rice. After 10 minutes of cooking add the mince and cook until the rice is soft.

Place and on top of the rice put the sipia that we have frozen and after cutting it with the cold cut machine and pass it through the griddle or frying pan slightly.

With the liver of the cuttlefish we can make a sauce to accompany, stir-frying with onion, white wine and to finish add the liver and cook for a few minutes. Finish by grinding everything with a turmix.

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