The cultivation of saffron bulbs

Saffron bulbs of the best quality , Ecological production in Monreal del Campo “Teruel”, to plant at home, garden or field If you have decided to purchase bulbs to obtain your own saffron in the following lines, the cultivation method of such a highly appreciated spice is explained The best bulbs can be found in … Leer más

Saffron to raise libido

University of Guelph scholars have found that other substances such as yohimbine, an alkaloid present in an African psychoactive plant called ‘yohimbe’, appear to improve human sexual function, while other culinary ingredients, such as garlic, cloves and ginger, also manage to stimulate the sexual impulse. For Dr. Marcone and his group, some natural substances such … Leer más

The book “Comprehensive Improvement of the Crocus of Jiloca” aims to promote the product in Teruel

TERUEL, May 22 (EUROPA PRESS) -The book ‘Comprehensive Improvement of the Saffron Cultivation of Jiloca’ includes part of “an ambitious project” for the improvement and promotion of the saffron in Teruel. This initiative has been carried out by a multidisciplinary team of researchers specialized in areas such as plant production, plant health and agri-food economy. … Leer más

Saffron is a recognized medicinal plant

By: Dr. Hernán Candia Román Naturopathy – Orthomolecular Nutrition – Phytomedicine Saffron (Crocus Sativus) with excellent properties to combat whooping cough and asthma attacks. The cultivation of saffron was introduced by the Arabs in the 9th century, according to historical chronicles, in antiquity, the upper or bourgeois class had a monopoly on this important species … Leer más

Saffron seeks producers

Saffron cultivation began to recover five years ago and the Jiloca saffron producers association ‘AZAJI’ is working to publicize it. The objective is to get more people to start cultivating this product, which will begin to be planted in a few days. For a time it stopped producing and only some farmers at a private … Leer más

Crocuses Jiloca Awarded with the Superior Taste Award 2016

The company AZAFRANES JILOCA has been awarded with the prize for SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD qualification OUTSTANDING. The Superior Taste Award recognizes the quality of the Saffron that distributes Azafranes Jiloca being the first and only Spanish company in the sector to receive this recognition. The Award was obtained after a blind tasting of the product, … Leer más